The U-Fo Saddle Collection™ and New Mogul Collection are seat cushion & lumbar pillow upgrades for mesh chairs.

Our Saddle Seat Cushion is custom fitted for the Herman Miller Aeron® 'A' & 'B' size.   Our Mogul is custom fitted for the Aeron 'B' & 'C' as well as the Mirra.  Our Lumbar Support Pillows work on practically all mesh backed chairs.

Our New Leather Lumbar Pillows are wonderful free floating supportive pillows.  They can be positioned anywhere and will not damage your chair’s surface.

With ergonomics in mind, the collections have been specially crafted to alleviate stress on your body and help reduce pain in your lower back and legs.

Choose from a variety of premium leather and felt styles and colors. 

Your mesh chair just got more comfortable!  

Handcrafted in California.