Jaime Derringer, Founder/Executive Editor

“I’ll put it to you like this: Adding the u-fo saddle collection was like getting the upgraded package with a luxury car. It’s already an expensive, beautiful car but the added features make it much more functional for you to use every day. I don’t have chronic back pain or any of type of pain from sitting down all day, so I can’t tell you that these pads changed my life, but they sure are comfy and I plan to keep them.”

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Paul Cole, Director of Licensing, Apple Corps Ltd.

"Despite my wonderful Aeron chair, I have always been a terrible slouch - until the arrival of my u-fo saddle set that is.  I now have great posture at my desk, vastly improved comfort and of course, the smartest chair in the office.  I LOVE my bright green saddle set!!”


Patrick O'Brien, Vice President, EA Entertainment at Electronic Arts

“I love my u-fo saddle set. It miraculously turned my already comfortable Herman Miller Aeron chair into a leather chair.  All the ergonomic structure of the Aeron, now with a super comfortable leather seat and adjustable lumbar support. It feels like the difference between Business Class and First Class.” 


Kimberly Hickson, FAIA, Gensler

I love my felt saddle that just arrived yesterday!…I can already tell a difference in my posture and comfort ~ well done. 


Simon Yan, Principal, BlueMap Design

“I have four Aeron chairs in my office. I bought the first one some 17 years ago. It was a groundbreaking task chair design at the time. Like anything in this world, it is not perfect. I never liked the lumbar support because the semi-rigid plastic tends to hurt my back. I simply removed it and never used it again. I am glad that someone is thinking about the problem and came up with a solution for it. I have been using the U-Fo saddle set for a few months now and it feels great. The easily adjustable lumbar pillow is fantastic. The other thing I really like is that the ever-changing leather material turns a harsh and mechanical chair to a more breathable and organic one.”


Raj Arora, President, Just Funky

“Within days of using the Saddle the pain in my back as well as in my arms disappeared. I told my chiropractor and now he is going to recommend it to his patients.


Franki Durban, Founder/Author

"Now Mr. Venti can sit for extended periods of time at his desk with no complaints of his back hurting. Talk about an life-changing improvement! As for the design of the u-fo, you can choose from a range of colors to suit your style and select from various designs to suit the frame of your chair. The components themselves are made of high-grade molded foam and are produced at some of the exact same facilities Knoll® and SteelCase® products are created. The modern style you want from a chic office chair with the comfort of your favorite chair. A match made in industrial design heaven!"

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