What & Why

The What:

Ergonomically designed leather Seat Cushions and Lumbar Pillows.  Designed for anyone seeking comfort and style.

The seats and sets are designed for the Herman Miller Aeron® chair.

The Lumbar Pillow works on nearly all mesh office chairs like the Mirra®, Liberty® and Setu®.  The Lumbar Pillow is a wonderful free-floating supportive pillow that can be positioned anywhere and will not damage your chair’s surface.

The collection has been engineered to alleviate stress on your body and help reduce pain in your lower and upper back.

The Saddle Seat Cushions and Lumbar Pillows are made of high-grade molded foam produced at some of the same facilities Knoll® and SteelCase® use.

U-fo For All is a section on our site where we offer our lumbar supports pillows for use with all the other mesh back chairs.


Sourced in the USA and handcrafted in California.


The Why:

Maybe you are starting to feel discomfort? Maybe you want to freshen-up your classic? Maybe you've longed for a comfy leather chair?

Why not have it all.


This collection focuses on improving 3 key areas on the Aeron:

1.  Lumbar region - The Pellicle mesh doesn't offer enough support on its own. The supplied lumbar pad is very hard and can be painful. 
2.  Seat mesh - As the mesh hammocks a good amount of inward pressure is put on ones hips 
3.  Knee support - The frame of the chair at the front gets very hard and can cut into ones legs just under their knees.
If you find yourself scooting forward in your chair, sitting on the edge, this is likely due to poor ergonomics. This is exactly why we designed the Saddle Collection. 
The Saddle Seat Collection is available for the Herman Miller® Aeron® "B" size chair. Our Mogul Collection is for the Herman Miller® Aeron® "C" as well as the Mirra Chair. The U-Fo For All lumbars are designed for all mesh backed office chairs.