• Mogul for Aeron Size C

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    For the Herman Miller Aeron® C Size chair.

    Ships in 1-3 business days.

    The Mogul lumbar and seat pad Set is a back and leg support system designed to improve ergonomics and comfort on the size C Aeron chair. It is made with varying high-density foams specifically designed to complement and upgrade the C. Mogul comes in a variety of leathers and materials.

    The Lumbar is attached via a magnetic strap and will not harm the back surface of the chair. We use a hybrid of molded HR foam and sheet foam. It's roughly 2" thick, but on the softer side. If even more lumbar support is desired our large soft lumbar works well with the standard plastic like unit from Herman Miller that slides down the back of the chair.  If you have the Posture-Fit installed on your chair you can use our Lumbar with it by loosening the Poster-Fit so our magnetic strap can slide beneath. Once you've found your desired location you can tighten your Posture-Fit as you like. You don't need to have a pre-existing Lumbar unit on the chair for ours to work. Gently slide our unit to your desired position anywhere.

    Our Seat cushion has a rubber coating on the underside to help keep it from shifting during normal use. Our seat is roughly 1.75" thick under your Ischial Tuberosity (rear end.) 

    All of the Seats and Lumbar Units have the same construction with the exception of the top surface. The Bull is the thickest and may add a little firmness or support. The Diamond Pleat is the Softest of the grouping.

    The Mogul Collection Varieties:

    Dollaro Leather is a large pebble grain leather that is very durable and great for high traffic use in offices and institutions. It features a large decorative stitches and a small outward modern seam.  Colors: Black

    Boutique Mogul Selection:

    Stable Leather is tanned in the USA and has mottled color for a gorgeous tonal range and a beautiful sheen to the surface of the leather.  Colors: Dark Brown & Black

    Bronco Leather is a rugged distressed leather with a wax pull-up style finish. This leather is very forgiving and continually changes its pattern and tone.  Colors: Tan

    Bull Hide Leather is just that, 100% bull hides. It is matte in color and soft, but not smooth. The thick leather with its heavy veggie retannage keeps the edges looking great and the seat area will conform to your body's curves.  Colors: Black

    Diamond Pleat is a quilted vinyl faux leather and a great vegan friendly product.  Colors: Black

    Actual Aeron® chair by Herman Miller® not included.

    Please note, quality leather has inherent natural markings and slight imperfections, which is normal and what makes it beautiful and unique.

    Handcrafted in California          Patent Pending

  • Mogul for Aeron Size C
  • Mogul for Aeron Size C
  • Mogul for Aeron Size C
  • Mogul for Aeron Size C
  • Mogul for Aeron Size C
  • Mogul for Aeron Size C
  • Mogul for Aeron Size C

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