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    I know exactly what you’re going to say. I can hear it now… If you’re going to spend that much money on a chair, shouldn’t it be perfect?

    California company u-fo noticed that I work sitting in an Aeron chair and offered to send me one of their ergonomic leather seat cushions and lumbar pillow set, specially designed for the Herman Miller Aeron chair. And I’ll admit that I was skeptical at first, probably thinking the same thing you are: can this awesome chair really be improved upon?

    I opted for the black Monterey set, but there are four different leathers to choose from. I loved the seat cushion immediately, but wasn’t impressed with the lumbar pad at first because I’m not a lumbar kinda gal. However, I’m eating those words right now as I am typing this and my body feels awesome. It simply took some getting used to. You can move the lumbar about anywhere you want because of the magnetic fastening system. I think finding the right spot for it was key.

    So I’ll answer your questions:

    If you’re going to spend that much money on a chair, shouldn’t it be perfect?

    Maybe. The Aeron chair was designed in 1994 and there is some debate about the ergonomics an 8-hour work day, but most people swear by its comfort and design. But I put in a 10-hour work day many days, so regardless, I need extra support.

    Can this awesome chair really be improved upon?

    Yes. For the amount of time I spend sitting here at my desk, I could use the added padding and cushioning. (please Herman Miller don’t hate me!) The mesh seat isn’t the greatest after long hours of sitting and isn’t very short-shorts friendly, so the seat cushion really hit the spot.

    I’ll put it to you like this: Adding the u-fo saddle collection was like getting the upgraded package with a luxury car. It’s already an expensive, beautiful car but the added features make it much more functional for you to use every day. I don’t have chronic back pain or any of type of pain from sitting down all day, so I can’t tell you that these pads changed my life, but they sure are comfy and I plan to keep them. I’ll let you know how they wear as time goes on.

    Tip: But before you order, make sure your chair is a size “B”. I was told you feel for raised dots behind the backrest at the top; one dot for A and two dots for B.

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