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    September 28, 2013


    Herman Miller Gets an Update


    Screen Shot 2013-09-28 at 7.29.55 PM
    U-Fo Dark Walnut
    I remember a just before the dot-com bust when every design & consulting agency in town was loaded to the gills with Aeron chairs. These iconic Herman Miller products were intended to say to the world, "we are hip & stylish." At nearly a grand a piece, they also said a lot about the cash rich economy and blind corporate egos.

    While big name firms used possession of modern furniture as a token of "cool" some of us sought these legendary chairs out for their biomechanical function. Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick, creators of the award-winning chair, used their industrial design prowess to design an ergonomic chair that actually adapted to the body's movements and unique physical demands. Or so we were lead to believe. 

    Fast forward to the present time. When I started my design firm in 2007 I too "had to have" a Herman Miller at my desk. Perhaps I was still clinging to the preactices of the firm I'd just left or perhaps I too had bought into the hype. All I know is I shelled out my precious rupees for what (in truth) is neither terribly pretty nor terribly comfortable. I can assure you that sitting in my Aeron (or any non-upholstered chair) for long is not my favorite thing to do. I ultimately gave mine to my husband and opted for a pretty little designer chair to call my perch. (Call me a princess, but I love a padded seat and a cushy place to sit!) And while Mr. Venti isn't one to complain, he was delighted when I told him weeks ago that we'd been sent a little gift. U-fo was kind enough to provide a cushion & lumbar support designed specifically to make these ergonimic works of art comfortable for long periods of sitting at the desk. 

    The u-fo system works with the Aeron and other mesh office chairs to make them cushy and comfortable - all without detracting from the streamlined mod design of the furniture. I am amazed at the simplicity of the system. The padded seat simply rests on the chair seat. The free floating supportive pillow can be positioned as high or low as needed without being permanently attached and will not damage the chair in any way. Genius! 

    Now Mr. Venti can sit for extended periods of time at his desk with no complaints of his back hurting. Talk about an life-changing improvement! As for the design of the u-fo, you can choose from a range of colors to suit your style and select from various designs to suit the frame of your chair. The components themselves are made of high-grade molded foam and are produced at some of the exact same facilities Knoll® and SteelCase® products are created. The modern style you want from a chic office chair with the comfort of your favorite chair. A match made in industrial design heaven! Take a looksie... 


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